hand showcasing trigger finger

Trigger Finger is a disorder that causes the finger to catch in a flexed (bent) position, making it difficult to straighten. This can happen when you make a fist or if your finger bends for an extended period of time. The most common cause of Trigger Finger is repetitive motions such as typing, playing the piano or guitar, and working with tools. 

The symptoms of Trigger Finger are pain in the affected finger and difficulty straightening the finger. People with Trigger Finger may also experience numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and loss of grip strength. 

The treatment options for Trigger Finger include surgery and nonsurgical treatments. Non-surgical treatments include splinting, rest, and local steroid injections. Surgery is considered when nonsurgical treatments fail to provide relief of symptoms or when there are complications from the condition such as tendon rupture or joint damage. 

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