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Lapiplasty® is a new procedure for surgically correcting bunions. It is the first and only procedure specifically developed for correcting all three dimensions of the bunion deformity at the root of the problem. This advanced technology is designed to allow you to walk within days of surgery while permanently relieving your bunion pain and returning you to your active lifestyle.  

Bunions, also known as Hallux Valgus, are more than just a bump. Many mistakenly believe bunions can simply be “shaved off.” In reality, bunions are complex deformities caused by an unstable joint in the foot. This unstable joint is the foundation of the problem. It allows your entire metatarsal bone to deviate out of alignment, forming the bump. In fact, in 87% of bunions, the bone is misaligned in three dimensions.  First, the bone starts to lean sideways. Second, the bone often begins to elevate up, transferring an excessive load to the other toes that cause pain in the ball of the foot. Thirdly, the bone can rotate out of alignment. This can cause abnormal wear and tear to the big toe joint. When left untreated, the problem can worsen and cause other problems such as joint pain and stiffness or hammer toes. 

Currently, most bunions are repaired using a procedure called an osteotomy, which only targets the cosmetic bump rather than the root cause. Because the unstable joint remains, the bunion is prone to return and cause future problems. Studies show that 1 in 3 patients are unsatisfied with the pain, function, and appearance of an osteotomy bunion repair.  

In contrast, a Lapiplasty® uses advanced instrumentation to correct the entire metatarsal bone, returning it to its natural alignment and naturally removing the bump. To stabilize the joint, the surgeon then applies permanent plates to the joint resulting in much better long-term outcomes.  

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